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CG Excellence Awards

Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards

Corporate Governance and ESG Excellence Awards 2023

  • Key Dates:
Last Date of Submission of Entry Form: Thursday, August 31, 2023  
Review by ERG: September to October, 2023  
Presentation to AJP: October 27-28, 2023  
Awards Announcement and Gala Dinner: Tuesday, December 14, 2023  
  • Criteria & Selection Process (ENG / 中文)

Corporate Governance Excellence Awards 2019

The Centre for Corporate Governance and Financial Policy (CCGFP) and the Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies (CHKLC) jointly instituted and organized the Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards in 2007. The Awards have been conferred annually. The Awards were designed to encourage improvement in corporate governance of listed companies in Hong Kong through providing recognition and prestige for listed companies in achieving outstanding commitment to shareholder rights, compliance, integrity, fairness, responsibility, accountability, transparency, board independence and leadership, and corporate social responsibility. Around 120 Hong Kong listed companies participated in the competitions of the past 14 years. The requirement for entrants to self-assess gave them an opportunity to make a thorough and comprehensive review of their corporate governance and /or sustainability performance. This has delivered great value to the companies, allowed them to identify their strengths and plan for improving organizational effectiveness.

In the preliminary round of selection, the Expert Review Group (ERG) critically assesses the corporate governance and / or sustainability performance of each entrant of the Corporate Governance Excellence Awards.

In the final round of selection, the short-list finalist companies will be invited to make a verbal presentation to Award Judging Panel (AJP). The Awrd Judging panel comprises distinguished personalities in the securities and investment markets and the area of corporate governance, including the director of the Centre.