HKBU School of Business hosts public forum on FinTech

03 Nov, 2017

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As part of the FinTech Education Week organised by InvestHK, the HKBU School of Business hosted the “HKBU FinTech Forum” to share and exchange ideas around the development of FinTech in Hong Kong, and shed light on upcoming trends in the area. The forum was held on campus on 3 November 2017, attracting over 130 academics, industry practitioners, alumni and students.
Titled “FinTech in Hong Kong: Present and Future”, the forum featured FinTech veterans, including Mr. Charles d’Haussy, Head of FinTech of InvestHK, Mr. Victor Lang, Chief Operating Officer of Gini, and Dr. Douglas Streeter Rolph, Senior Lecturer of Nanyang Business School of Nanyang Technological University, as panel speakers, with Professor Aris Stouraitis, Director of Centre for Corporate Governance and Financial Policy, also Head of the Department of Finance and Decision Sciences of the HKBU School of Business, as the moderator of the discussion. The panel discussion dived deep into how the industry would develop in Hong Kong and Singapore respectively, and expectations on the regulatory regime that could facilitate sustainable growth.
In his welcoming remarks, Professor Ed Snape, Dean of the School of Business, stressed the role higher education plays in facilitating and driving the development of FinTech. “We seek to develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and support our students to develop the right mindset and skills, so that they can capitalise on the emerging opportunities in the digital era.”
As the founder of a FinTech start-up, Mr. Victor Lang believed Hong Kong is an ideal place for the industry to mature. He regarded Hong Kong as having a strong legal environment and is an open port through which capital can come in and out freely.
Since 1956, HKBU School of Business has provided innovative business education to students from across the globe. We seek to inspire good business practice, create value for stakeholders, and enhance social and economic growth and development through our research on corporate sustainability issues, encompassing the areas of business ethics, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance.

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