The Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, Profit

03 Nov, 2023

20231016_HKBUCampus_Sharing 20231016_HKBUCampus_Sharing

This Campus Sharing Seminar aimed to provide an overview of ESG concepts and showcase practical examples of ESG best practices through the insights of industry professionals and experts to HKBU students. It began with Mr. Paul Pong, the Founder of IESGB, delivering opening remarks to kick off the session. Following that, there was a brief presentation of certificates.

The first session, titled "Overview & introductory concept of ESG," featured Professor Aris Stouraitis from Hong Kong Baptist University, provided an introduction to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles and their significance in finance and decision sciences.

The second session, titled "ESG Best Practices," featured three awardees sharing their experiences. Ms. Melanie Kwok, Assistant General Manager (Sustainability) at Sino Land Company Limited, spoke about Sino Group's ESG and sustainability strategies. Afterwards, Mr. Johnny Yu, Head of Sustainability at Henderson Land Development Company Limited, discussed sustainability in the real estate sector. Finally, Mr. Richard Chan, Chief Investment and ALM Officer at FTLife Insurance Company Limited, presented on the topic of ESG best practices and green finance.

The third session was dedicated to a panel discussion on "ESG Emerging Trends and Career Opportunities." The panel discussed the emerging trends in ESG and the career opportunities associated with them. 

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